Space Station 13 - Modules - Types


/var/QDEL_HINT_QUEUEDestroy() return value. Queue the instance for eventual hard deletion.
/var/QDEL_HINT_LETMELIVEDestroy() return value. Do not queue the instance for hard deletion. Does not expect to be refcount GCd.
/var/QDEL_HINT_IWILLGCDestroy() return value. Same as QDEL_HINT_LETMELIVE but the instance expects to refcount GC without help.
/var/QDEL_HINT_HARDDELDestroy() return value. Queue this instance for hard deletion regardless of its refcount GC state.
/var/QDEL_HINT_HARDDEL_NOWDestroy() return value. Immediately hard delete the instance.
/var/GC_CURRENTLY_BEING_QDELETEDdatum.gc_destroyed signal value
/proc/qdelQueue datum D for garbage collection / deletion. Calls the datum's Destroy() and sets its gc_destroyed value.